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Distribution Networks / L3 GbE Switch
ES4650F / L3 Gigabit Ethernet Stackable Switches
L3 Multicast
2x 10GE
8 Units Hardware Stacking
Jumbo Frame
About this product

The Edge-Core ES4600 series is a stackable Gigabit Ethernet routing switch with a choice of 24 or 48 Gigabit 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 combo Gigabit Ethernet SFP slots and 2 optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet slots.  With 48 1000BASE-T ports, ES4650F is ideal for service provider edge aggregation, Enterprise wiring closets, data center aggregation and network core deployment. It provides high performance, resilient stacking, wire speed L2 switching and L3 routing, comprehensive QoS and advanced security to deliver the scalability and resiliency to increase productivity while reducing operation cost.

  • 44 RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T + 4 Combo G (RJ-45/SFP) ports 
  • 2 stacking ports for hardware stacking up to 320Gbps throughput
  • L3 hardware stacking up to 8 units to a maximum of 400 ports
  • IPv6 routing and management: PIM-DM; PIM-SM; DVMRP; IGMP
  • Advanced QoS for marking, classification, and scheduling to deliver best-in-class performance for data, voice, and video traffic at wire speed
Product specification
General Features
DescriptionL3 Gigabit Ethernet Stackable Switch
Physical Configuration
Dimension (HxWxD) cm4.4 x 44 x 41.5
Fixed Ports44GT+4ComboG+2XG
Flash Memory64MB
Packet Buffer2MB
Forwarding Rate136Gbps
MAC Address Table Size16K
Switching Capacity101.2Mpps
Stacking Features
Backup Stack Master ElectionYes
Hot-Swappable of Stacked UnitYes
No. of Units Spported in a Stack8
Resilient StackingYes
Stack Wide TrunkingYes
Stacking Bandwidth80G
L2 Features
Flow Control802.3x (Full-duplex) | Back-Pressure (Half-duplex)
IGMP SnoopingV1 | V2
Jumbo FrameYes
Link AggregationIEEE 802.3ad with LACP (Dynamic) | Static Trunk | Traffic Load Balancing
Multicast (IGMP) SnoopingQuerier Support | Immediate Leave
Spanning TreeIEEE 802.1D (STP) | IEEE 802.1w (RSTP) | IEEE 802.1s (MSTP) | Spanning Tree Fast Forward
Storm ControlBroadcast | Multicast | Unknown Unicast
VLANIEEE 802.1Q Tagged Based | IEEE 802.1Q VLAN | Private VLAN | GVRP | IEEE 802.1v
VLAN Group4K
L3 Features
CIDR (Class Inter-Domain Routing)Yes
IP Host Table8K
IP Net Table12K
MRPP (Enhanced EAPS)Yes
PBR (Policy-Based Routing)Yes
Proxy ARPYes
Static ARPYes
Static RouteYes
Unicast RoutingRIP v1/v2 | OSPF | BGP4
QoS Features
CoSIEEE 802.1p | IP Precedence | DSCP | TCP/UDP | ACL
DiffServ (RFC2474)Yes
H/W Queues8 queues/port
Priority Queue SchedulingWRR | Strict Priority | Hybrid
Rate LimitingIngress | Egress
Security Features
ACL L2/L3/L4L2/L3/L4 | Base on src/dst IP | Base on IP protocol type | Base on DSCP/TOS/Precedence | Base on TCP/UDP src.dst Port | Base on src/dst MAC | Vid-Based | CoS-Based | Base on Tag/Untag | Time-Based
ACL Number of RulesYes
ARP InspectionYes
HTTP and SSL ( Secured Web)Yes
IEEE 802.1xPort-based | VLAN Assignment
IP Source GuardYes
Management Access filteringSNMP | WEB | Telnet
Port Security (MAC Based)Static
RADIUS (RFC2138)Authentication | Accounting | Authorization
SSH v1.5/ v2.0 (Secured Telnet Session)Yes
TACACS+Authentication | Accounting | Authorization | 3.0
Username/Password AuthenticationLocal | Remote
Management Features
CLI (Command Line Interface)Yes
CLI filtering and terminal settingYes
Configuration Download / UploadYes
DHCPClient | Relay | Server | Dynamics Provision
DNSClient | Proxy
Dual F/W ImagesYes
Event / Error LogLocal Flash | Remote Server via System Log (RFC3164) | SMTP (RFC821)
Port MirroringOne to One | Many to One
Remote PingYes
RMONRMON I (1,2,3 & 9 groups)
SNMP (Agent)v1 | v2c | v3
Software Download / UpgradeTFTP (RFC783) | Xmodem
Telnet (RFC854)Yes
WEB AuthenticationYes
Web Based ManagementYes
IPv6 Features
ICMPv6 RedirectYes
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Protocol StackYes
IPv6 Address TypesUnicast | Multiicast
IPv6 ManagementIPv6 SNTP Support | IPv6 SMTP Support | SNMP over IPv6 | IPv6 Telnet Support | Remote IPv6 Ping | IPv6 Syslog Support | IPv6 FTP support | IPv6 TFTP support | HTTP over IPv6 | IPv6 sFlow | DHCP IPv6
IPv6 Multicast RoutingMLD v1/v2 Snooping | MLD v1 | MLD v2 | PIM-SM | PIM-DM | Multicast Tunnel | MRIB | MFIM | Routable address hello option
IPv6 Ping / tracertYes
IPv6 SecurityIPv6 IPSec support | IPv6 RADIUS+ Support | IPv6 TACACS+ Support | SSH over IPv6
IPv6 TunnelingManually Configured Tunnel | Automatic 6 to 4 Tunnel | IPv4 over IPv6 | Automatic ISATAP Tunnel
IPv6 Unicast RoutingStatic Route | RIP-ng | OSPFv3 | BGP4+
Pv6 Neighbor DiscoveryRouter Discovery | Duplicate Address Detection | Static Cache Entry | Parameter Discovery | Prefix Discovery | Address Resolution | Unreachable Neighbor Detection | Redirect (Host)
The listed specification is subject to change without prior notice.
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