Edge-Core RMA Request Statement

For RMA issues for any Edge-Core products, please fill in the Edge-Core RMA Request form below. We will quickly respond to your requests!

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A technical support engineer will verify after troubleshooting if your product qualifies under warranty. If so, a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be provided to you. A completed RMA Form together with return instructions will be sent to you by email or fax.

The Edge-Core definition of defective products falls into three categories as described below:

1. DOA (Defect on Arrival): Defect occurs within 7 days of purchase.
2. IRMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization): Defect occurs after 7 days of purchase and before the warranty has expired.
3. ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization): Defect occurs after the warranty has expired.

Edge-core repair service procedures are as follow:

Obtain an RMA number
1. Fill out an 'RMA Request Form' and send it by fax or email to the corresponding Edge-core person or mail: support@edge-core.com. If you do not know who the correct contact person is, please contact your Edge-core sales representative. You can also download ˇ§RMA Request Form� from Edge-Core Website.
2. Edge-core repair service personnel will check that the 'RMA Request Form' has been completed with precise information. Once this has been verified you will receive an RMA number.
3. Only DOA products will be replaced a new product free of charge. DOA products will only be replaced as long as products are in stock. As new products are offered Edge-core reserves the right to determine whether or not this DOA policy applies.

Package and Delivery
1. Returned products have to be packed properly to avoid damage during delivery (must adhere to ESD safety precautions, if applicable).
2. DOA products qualify for complete replacement and have to be returned with all accessories and user documentation that were included in the original purchase.
3. Regarding IRMA and ORMA products only the defective product should be returned. Non-defective accessories of IRMA and ORMA items (such as power cord, cable, or user documentation etc.) should not be returned.
4. Please indicate your assigned RMA number on the package outside clearly before delivery.
5. Any shipping and handling expenses result on the returns will be responsible by you.
6. To speed up the repair procedure, please notify us by email with information that includes the shipping date, quantity, and tracking number of your delivery.

Product Check on Arrival
1. Edge-core will check your product of its arrival.
2. If the product arrives undamaged and conforms to the conditions described on the 'RMA Request Form,' it will be transferred to Edge-core RMA center for repair.
3. If the product is damaged or there is some inconsistency with the 'RMA Request Form' description, Edge-core will contact and confirm the status with you before proceeding.

1. Edge-core will repair the defect as described on the 'RMA Request Form'. The product will also be tested to ensure it is in proper working order.
2. If no additional problems are detected, Edge-Core will notify you and no failure occurs during testing, the product will be processed as NTF (No Trouble Found).

1. You will be charged for repairs if:
ORMA terms apply;
IRMA or DOA terms apply, but it is determined by Edge-Core that the defect was caused by abuse, misuse, unauthorized repair or NTF.
2. Edge-core will invoice you for confirmation.

Package and Shipping
1. Edge-Core will properly pack the repaired RMA product.
2. The RMA number and quantity will be clearly marked on the package.
3. You will receive email notification of the product RMA number, shipping date, and tracking number.

Important Notices
The items listed below are not included in your warranty:
1. The product is maintained or repaired by anyone other than Edge-Core staffs or Edge-Core authorized technical staff;
2. Warranty label or tag is tampered with defaced or removed;
3. Product serial number is not match or unknown;
4. The product is not purchased from Edge-Core authorized distributors, agents or resellers;
5. Damage that occurs in shipment, due to act of God, failures due to power surge, and stains or surface scratches after installation;
6. Lack of reasonable care, repair or service in any way that is not contemplated in the documentation for the product;
7. Initial installation, installation and removal of the product for repair, and shipping costs.